Our Story

City & Country Spice Blends embodies our love for authentic New Orleans cooking and our dedication to culinary excellence.

Inspired by the success of our small café, we wanted to share the bold flavors of Cajun and Creole cuisine with a wider audience. Our goal is simple: to bring the vibrant tastes of Louisiana directly to your kitchen.

With years of experience behind the stove, we've meticulously crafted each blend to capture the true essence of Louisiana cuisine. Each City & Country Spice Blend is rooted in tradition and designed for versatility, perfect for enhancing any dish.

Join us in "Making Cajun Common." Try our spice blends today and let the good times roll! Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Bud's Cafe

At Bud’s Louisiana Café, our family-owned restaurant, we specialize in traditional Cajun dishes, known for their rustic and hearty flavors. Since 2008, our unique combinations of premium, authentic ingredients have been delighting our customers.

Honored as repeat winners of the "Best of San Diego - Southern Food," we’re excited to bring our award-winning flavors to your kitchen. Discover the joy of cooking with our expertly crafted spice blends and experience the rich, bold taste of Louisiana cuisine. Try our spice blends today and elevate your meals with the flavors of Bud’s Louisiana Café!

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Crusoe and Clyde

Have you noticed the collection of “Cs” on our website? These "Cs" are woven into the very fabric of our company and hold special meaning for us. It's not just about Creole or Cajun, City or Country—it’s also about our cherished pets, Crusoe and Clyde!

Our journey is driven by a passion for authentic flavors and a love for our family, both human and furry. We hope our spice blends ignite culinary magic in your kitchen and add a dash of character to your homemade dishes. Discover the rich flavors behind each blend, and bring the taste of tradition to your table today!

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